Morning Rain

Tears of heaven fall like thunder rolls
Gentle morning rain that drips over leaves
And casts out the dirtiness of the earth
By making it reborn with each drop
That fall from the darkened bruised sky.

No tears here for me as I watch the rain
For rain is life giving as much as the sun
As it keeps the earth fresh for and it
Produces a world that is different from
Night and day in its own special way.

Without rain the world would become dry
And it would be a miserable place to try
And survive as the world needs rain,
They are heaven’s tears after all and
Without them we wouldn’t see the rainbow’s call.

So before being upset with the rain’s pitter-patter
Remember what the rain does for the earth and all
Forms of living matter and try to cherish each drop
That falls by for you never know when the rain might
Just go away for good one day, and leave us dry.


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