Poetry has always been an inspiration in my life. When I was little my mother introduced me to poets such as Wordsworth, Colderidge and Walt Whitman.

As I became older I discovered my own poets that still inspire me today such as W.B. Yeats, John Donne and Sir Philip Sidney to name a few. I also discovered poets and even mat Bai Dao when he came to my hometown to talk about his life and poetry. It was all so amazing that it further instilled a love of poetry.

I’ve been writing poetry since I was in middle school. I’ve won a few contests hre and there and even have tried to pick up on prose. I’ve discovered prose is not my strong suit but I might put up a few on here every now and then.

My muse has been squandered in the past couple of years do to being in school, but I’ve decided to fight back. I hope you enjoy some of my works and that it will create a mix of emotions.

I do not have a style, although I might but it’s not traditional. I love to write haikus so you’ll see a lot of those floating about. I will practice both freestyle and traditional styles to improve my writing.

As mentioned I will add some short stories, maybe some flash fiction and even chat about my favorite poet’s or two.

Thank you for visiting this blog and i hope you enjoy your stay!



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