Magic in the Spring: Haikus

1. Devour the spring
Cherish the blossoms that fall
From the trees that bloom.

2. Grass is just green grass
Or so Walt Whitman would say
So spring is just spring.

3. Sunshine shimmers bright
Then turns into the cold moon
Fateful twist of life.

4. Zephyrs twirl within
Dancing with the willow trees
And dying at night.

5. Magic in the spring
As days turn into summer
Showing the heat’s warmth.


Cyborg’s Dream I: Identify Me

Heartless but with human features
Wires instead of blood pumping veins
Skin is real but underneath are gears
That turn differently than most humans
Who can feel pain and bleed blood red.

When I bleed my blood is oil
It is a liquid that is not like yours
And a heart? As said before heartless
Even though I can sense the feelings
Of others within my circuits.

So am I human?
Or am I a pile of metal?
If I can think am I human?
If I have no heart am I metal?
What am I?
Why was I created?

Through my body I have impeccable strength
No human of mere flesh can defeat me
Only those like me that I have yet to meet
Can defeat me in battle unless humans can
Somehow penetrate through my indestructible skin.

With such power and no answers of my identity
Why not conquer the world I was made to serve
And become the ruler of everything living while
I do not live entirely as a human being like the rest
Who are not of my kind do?

I will rule and create
And identity for myself.

Morning Rain

Tears of heaven fall like thunder rolls
Gentle morning rain that drips over leaves
And casts out the dirtiness of the earth
By making it reborn with each drop
That fall from the darkened bruised sky.

No tears here for me as I watch the rain
For rain is life giving as much as the sun
As it keeps the earth fresh for and it
Produces a world that is different from
Night and day in its own special way.

Without rain the world would become dry
And it would be a miserable place to try
And survive as the world needs rain,
They are heaven’s tears after all and
Without them we wouldn’t see the rainbow’s call.

So before being upset with the rain’s pitter-patter
Remember what the rain does for the earth and all
Forms of living matter and try to cherish each drop
That falls by for you never know when the rain might
Just go away for good one day, and leave us dry.