Welcome: Poetry Opens the World


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Poetry, it’s something I’ve been passionate about ever since I was little and could read. It started off with children’s poems, Wordsworth, W.B. Yeats, and to more modern poets like Billy Collins. I have a wide range of poets I love and am inspired by and I hope that my own poetry inspires or at least is enjoyed. I do apologize if I have slow periods but muse has been squashed by past events of college and I’m trying to get over the scars of that past.

My writing will be a hodgepodge (love that word-someone should name a mixed color cat that) of poems, short stories, flash fiction and every now and then some talk about poets, poetry or random events that have occurred in my life. Being in grad school I’ll probably have a lot of random things to tell you about.

Some  of my written will have dark themes, some will have light happy themes. Whatever the theme I hope you can respect them as I would respect other’s writings, even if I myself do not agree with it.

However this will predominately be a poetry blog, and all other writing styles come second to it. I hope you enjoy my mixture of traditional, freestyle and haiku overload (I love haikus too much). I’ll try to organize everything to the best that I can but when summer’s over I might have a harder time and I also plan to enjoy my first to last summer since when I graduate I plan to work straight away if possible.

Thank you so much for viewing this blog and I hope you enjoy your stay, and I also hope you come back! ❤